The Coast Branch is given code 001 to recognize that is the very first branch of ICPAK.  By the time it was given a physical office in October 2014, it was the largest branch by membership. The history of coast branch is synonymous with the history of ICPAK itself.

ICPAK was established in 1978 and barely four years later and specifically on 1st July 1981 that members in the coast region met and established what was known as the Coast Liaison Committee. It was on that day that the first leadership of the branch was elected. The branch boundary then was determined as the coast province.  In 1985, the Coast Liaison Committee applied to Council for recognition as a branch.

The branch office is located in Mombasa along Moi Avenue, Harbor House, First Floor. The branch is manned by the following staff:

  1. Ms. Ainan Mohamed – Administrative Assistant
  2. Ms. Antoinette  Ang`ienda – Office Assistant

Branch Boundaries

The branch is composed of Mombasa Kwale, Kilifi, Lamu, Taita-Taveta and Tana River Counties.

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Branch Leadership

Coast Branch Leadership

Position Name
Chairperson CPA Dalton Mwaghogho, 2744
Vice Chairperson CPA Farheen Khandwalla, 4604
Secretary & CPD Convener CPA John Boscow Wanga, 8071
Gender Representative CPA Ahmed Salma Omar, 15009
Youth Representative CPA Zachary Segera, 21360
Mombasa County Representative CPA Johnson Amani Changawa,4168
Kwale County Convener CPA Vincent Chirima Mbito, 7692
Kilifi County Convener CPA Daniel Yaa Santa, 13959
Lamu County Convener CPA Hassan Muarabu Salim, 21616
Taita-Taveta County Convener CPA Flora Mtuweta Maghanga, 9528
Tana River County Convener CPA Asha Saidi Ajuu, 25035

Branch Membership

The Branch Membership is over 1200. The voluntary branch subscription  is ongoing. Through this platform, members are able to select their preferred branches.

Annual Members Meeting

Coast Branch AMM  Annual Members Meeting and Branch elections

Coast Branch Election Register yr 2020